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แอร์ แคสเปอร์ สแตนดาร์ด Air Casper Standard

11,900.00 ฿

EC09-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง​ 11,900
EC12-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง ​12,900
EC18-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง 17,500
EC24-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง 23,900



4D Air Flow
Helps to improve air distribution and flow, makes you feel more comfortable

Golden Fin

Both the evaporator and condenser are made of efficient gold foil with many excellent functions. While golden fin improves the heat transfer efficiency, it also prevents bacteria growth.

Smooth Operation
Under outstanding technology, Casper E-Series runs smoothly and minimizes uncomfortable noises.

Anti Formaldehyde Filter
Anti Formaldehyde filter filters out 93.8% of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compound (VOCS) as well as harmful gases and odours.

ECO System
High efficiency and energy savings.