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แอร์แคสเปอร์รุ่นอินเวอเตอร์ Air Casper Inverter

15,500.00 ฿

IC09-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง 15,500
IC12-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง 16,500
IC18-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง 22,900
IC24-TL55 ราคารวมติดตั้ง27,000




Intelligent Wifi Function
Casper air conditioners is equipped with latest state of the art WiFi IoT control technology. Once connected to intelligent terminal, you can enjoy fun and convenience of remote control via smartphone, iPad and other mobile terminals to control air conditioners virtually anytime and anywhere.

*Only supports Android and IOS.
Golden Fin
Both the evaporator and condenser are made of efficient gold foil with many excellent functions. While golden fin improves the heat transfer efficiency, it also prevents bacteria growth.

Super Quiet Design
Smart series minimize noises while ensuring you a comfortable environment.

Quick Cooling
With efficient compressor, Casper i-Series can reach very fast cooling within around 30s